Who we are and what we do?

Our firm is established since March 1st 1971 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and we carry out our activities on two different areas of practice:


We provide to all our clients, coming from Argentina as well as from the most diverse countries worldwide, with constant advise and assistance in the growth and development of their companies and projects, essentially in English, Spanish and German.



Counseling from one source

The strength of Jebsen & Co. lies in the fact that the foreign investor / argentine/ foreign entrepreneur centralizes in only one contact the principal different practice areas he may require.

This technique known as “One-stop Company” is very important in the Start-up / Set-up / Clean-up / Grow-up / Take-over / Close-down processes, that is to say, in relation to the usual changing circumstances affecting a company / organization.

Entire responsibility

In all cases, one particular partner, director, associate or manager of Jebsen & Co. takes the entire responsibility for a client and the follow-up of his needs. In all cases, one particular partner, associate or manager of Jebsen & Co. takes the entire responsibility for a client and the follow-up of his needs.

The partners lead Jebsen & Co. based on their own expertise and the responsibility that each of them has over the different departments under their respective charge.

Interdisciplinary group

One of our peculiarities is the teamwork and mutual interaction of different professions: CPA, Corporate Lawyers, MBA, Human Resources Management, Systems Engineers and Public Translators.

In this way, the different departments of Jebsen & Co. have a wider view of the client’s needs enabling them to provide a proper solution for each particular case.

Worldwide contacts with colleagues

Jebsen & Co. has always maintained contacts with colleagues of the most important economic regions of the world. In the course of the globalization, these relationships proved to be very useful, also in the benefit of our clients.


To provide integral business-focused professional services, at national as well as international levels.


To cooperate with our clients in achieving their goals, by exercising our knowledge in the different areas of our professional expertise and by rendering high quality services enabling us to find prompt and effective solutions for each particular situation at the lowest cost possible.


To transform our knowledge/know-how into added value for the benefit of our clients and members of mgi Jebsen & Co.