Public Holidays in Argentina

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Vince Lombardi

Public Holidays in Argentina

Year 2023

➢ Monday 20th February

➢ Tuesday 21th February

➢ Friday 24th March

➢ Thursday 6th April

➢ Friday 7th April

➢ Monday 1st May

➢ Thursday 25th May

➢ Friday 26th May

➢ Monday 19th June

➢ Tuesday 20th June

➢ Monday 21st August

➢ Friday 13th October

➢ Monday 16th October

➢ Monday 20th November

➢ Friday 8th December

➢ Monday 25th December

Argentina is still a country with few days of annual leave and long working hours, but with
a variety of public holidays, determined annually due to political reasons.

We have omitted those Public Holidays that are coincident with a Saturday or a Sunday.

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