Public Holidays in Argentina

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Vince Lombardi

Public Holidays in Argentina



 Wednesday 1st January
 Monday 24th February
 Tuesday 25th February
 Monday 23th March
 Tuesday 24th March
 Thursday 2nd April
 Thursday 9th April
 Friday 10th April
 Friday 1st May
 Monday 25th May
 Monday 15th June
 Thursday 9th July
 Friday 10th July
 Monday 17th August
 Monday 12th October
 Monday 23th November
 Monday 7th December
 Tuesday 8th December
 Friday 25th December

Argentina is still a country with few days of annual leave and long working hours, but with
a variety of public holidays, determined annually due to political reasons.

We have omitted those Public Holidays that are coincident with a Saturday or a Sunday.

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