"Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success"

 Henry Ford

"We are not in the same boat, but we are in the same storm"

"If there was only one truth, you could not paint a hundred pictures on the same topic"

Pablo Picasso




This macro-economic index reveals the evolution of a country and it can be somewhat compared to the electrocardiogram of human beings.
In the case of Argentina, we show the fluctuation of the GDP since the year on which Democracy was restored in the country (1983).


Periodically, we update the concepts that form part of this analysis, assimilating them to the country’s macro-economic and political facts and realities.

A quick look help us focus on the most relevant aspects of each of the factors considered under SWOT.

Forum of Firms

We are delighted to announce MGI Worldwide’s admission as a Member of the Forum of Firms with effect from 1 January 2019. Joining the Forum of Firms is a major milestone for MGI Worldwide and will be of great benefit to many of our member firms across our international accounting network.

Taxation in Argentina

Resident corporations are taxed on worldwide income. Any profits, including capital gains, are taxable. Non-resident corporations are subject to tax on Argentine-source income only.

ECD Master File-concept and CbC-Reporting

The public’s focus surrounding international tax matters has increased consistently in recent years and has never been stronger than its current state.

Deregulation of the ECONOMY

This emergency decree, issued by the Federal Executive Power, declares the public emergency in economic, financial, tax, administrative, pension, rates of public services, health and social matters until December 31, 2025.

Where do our clients come from?

Our team at MGI Jebsen & Co, works together with the company in order to analyze and develop planning strategies according to each business.

Although originally our very first clients were mainly Argentine businessmen and companies, gradually we have also incorporated German and English speaking clients.

Our current composition is the following:

  • Europe: 45%
  • Argentina: 20%
  • USA: 15%
  • Asia: 11%
  • Rest of Latin America: 9%

Following the merger of MGI and CPAAI from January 1, 2020 in the world, we now represent the following:





What can we do for you?


Since our creation in 1971, we have conceived Jebsen & Co. as a “boutique” consulting firm aimed at advising and supporting businessmen from all over the world, interested in establishing and doing business in Latin America, as well as local entrepreneurs concerned in enlarging/improving their activity.

This philosophy led us to develop, from the very first moment, a global/comprehensive activity, focused on providing answers and solutions to the specific concerns, issues and problems raised by the interested parties, but always with the criteria inherent to a conventional services’ firm.


Auditing on the fairness of the Financial Statements.

Limited Review Auditing.

Due Diligence (auditing on the purchase and sale of companies).

Evaluation of Internal Control Systems.


Tax advise and planning, national and international, for companies and individuals.

Fiscal and social security audits.

Preparation and/or review of tax returns and sworn statements.

Legal - Tax

Strategies in relation to inspections carried out by tax control authorities, either on a national, provincial or municipal level.

Agreements to avoid international double taxation.

Transfer Pricing


Setting – up of Companies.

Legal – Corporate Advice.

Negotation and drawing up of contracts.

Legal / out – of – court collection.



Implementation of administrative processes.

Administration management.

Opening of bank accounts.

Preparation of cash flows.

About us

Our firm is established since March 1st 1971 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and we carry out our activities on two different areas of practice: 

We provide to all our clients, coming from Argentina as well as from the most diverse countries worldwide, with constant advise and assistance in the growth and development of their companies and projects, essentially in English, Spanish and German.

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