We take part on the different stages prior to the setting-up of a company in the Argentine Republic, rendering our overall advice and legal support in connection with the contents and clauses included in the respective Bylaws of the future company. 



  • Setting – up of Companies. 
  • Legal – Corporate Advice. 
  • Negotation and drawing up of contracts. 
  • Legal / out – of – court collection. 
  • Mergers & Acquisitions. 
  • Due Diligence (Active / Passive). 
  • Legal Opinion. 
  • Legal Auditing. 
  • Legal Start – Up. 
  • Legal Set – Up. 
  • Legal Clean – Up. 
  • Legal Grow – Up. 
  • Legal Take – Over. 
  • Legal Close – Down.
  • Advice to companies in general.
  • Advice in corporate law.

Scope and Detail of

The Main Corporate Legal Aspects

We act in our capacity as Custodians with the duty of safekeeping the statutory books of the company.

We prepare the drafts of the Minutes corresponding to Board of Directors/Management Meetings, based on the most relevant issues that we are informed about, as well as those related to Powers of Attorneys.

We annually prepare and hold the General Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders’ and/or Partners’ Meetings considering the closing dates of the Financial Years as well as those summoned in special cases when the company’s Bylaws have to be modified or amended (capital increase, etc.).

We advise our clients in relation to the fulfillment of the different Resolutions issued by the General Justice Bureau (government agency responsible of controlling commercial companies) to be complied with by Argentine companies. We prepare the necessary documentation to be filed at the General Justice Bureau for that purpose.

We advise our foreign clients in relation to the fulfillment of the different Resolutions issued by the General Justice Bureau to be observed and complied with by foreign companies willing to form part of Argentine companies and/or those developing and carrying out activities in the country pursuant to Section 118, 3rd paragraph fo Law 19.550. We prepare the necessary documentation to be filed at the General Justice Bureau in this sense.

We perform the necessary follow-up of payments corresponding to the corporate annual fees payable at the General Justice Bureau in the case of a Corporation (Sociedad Anonima) and we also file the company’s Financial Statements at the mentioned Bureau.

We take part in corporate conflicts or disputes, by offering our legal advice and support, as well as in negotiations related to corporate issues.

We render the relevant advice in relation to any other action carried out by the Argentine company pursuant to the provisions established by the Commercial Companies Law (e.g. merger, split off, dissolution and winding-up, issuance of negotiable instruments, etc.). Likewise, we get involved in the preparation and execution of the different contracts.

Furthermore, we perform the following activities and tasks:

Analysis, preparation and follow-up of contracts -of any kind or nature whatsoever- entered into by our clients in the development of their activities, as well as the participation and advice in connection with conflicts arising from contracts in which our clients are a part thereof.

Participation, advise and support on the performance of “Due Diligence” tasks, both for the purchase or selling of shares or quota-parts in a company, by means of implementing all controlling methods concerning the legal aspects of the shareholding participation willing to be bought or sold, as well as the preparation and execution of the corresponding contracts.

Furtherance, support and follow-up in the process of legal and out-of-court collections, both in the negotiation stage by creating a value for the resolution of conflicts or -in its case- during the judicial instance by bringing forward and following-up the respective legal claim.