The economic-financial information is a key essential element for every company. It is a must to have access to the same.

Considering the current intricacy of businesses and of the resources involved as well as of the events and circumstances affecting the economic activity, the need to review the accounting information is nowadays more relevant than ever. The auditing procedures have as a main object to increase the assurance and reliability of the information supplied by a company.  Through a complete examination of the available information, the auditing procedures performed attempt to establish the fairness of the same by issuing the respective results for the purpose of making  such information highly useful.

Our auditing tasks have a business approach. 
This means that our services begin with a throughout analysis of the client’s business and activities and of the context where the same is developed.

For that purpose we have the support of a team of professionals with proved experience locally and internationally, a worldwide network of professionals and a strict quality control and regulations that govern our actions.

Regarding more complex matters, we have a multidisciplinary team of professionals, which enable us to perform a comprehensive and throughout analysis.



  • Auditing on the fairness of the Financial Statements.
  • Limited Review Auditing.
  • Due Diligence (auditing on the purchase and sale of companies).
  • Evaluation of Internal Control Systems.
  • Information Systems’ Review.
  • Advise on Accounting Aspects.
  • Support to the Chief Financial Officers regarding the scope of standards and their impact.
  • Implementation of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).
  • Preparation of the Financial Statements pursuant to US-GAAP.
  • Training.

One of our main characteristics is to get adapted to the particular needs of each client and of each different structure, but being consistent in keeping our same high quality level.