“Strength lies in our differences, not in our similarities”

Stephen Covey



 For Argentina

Periodically, we update the concepts that form part of this analysis, assimilating them to the country’s macro-economic and political facts and realities.

A quick look help us focus on the most relevant aspects of each of the factors considered under SWOT.

SWOT- Analysis for Argentina 2022



  • Extensive natural resources;
  • Highly productive agriculture;
  • Relatively high level of education;
  • European environment, strong German presence;
  • High private capital reserves.
  • Oversized state, high tax burden;
  • Low productivity of the economy in general;
  • High rate of poverty and social inequality;
  • Large informal economy, corruption, ineffective judicial system;
  • Small credit and capital markets.




  • Vaccination developments, biometric research;
  • Export of raw materials at high prices;
  • Good human resources’ potential;
  • Boosting digitalisation through Covid-19;
  • Resources for the global energy transition.



  • Dynamics of Covid-19 infections;
  • Foreign exchange shortages, exchange rate risks, additional restrictions;
  • Conflicts and uncertainties about the direction of the economic policy;
  • High energy prices and possible supply bottlenecks.


Germany Trade & Invest, among others – May 2022