“Strength lies in our differences, not in our similarities”

Stephen Covey



 For Argentina

Periodically, we update the concepts that form part of this analysis, assimilating them to the country’s macro-economic and political facts and realities.

A quick look help us focus on the most relevant aspects of each of the factors considered under SWOT.

SWOT- Analysis for Argentina 2019/2020



  • Important natural resources;
  • Highly productive agriculture;
  • Fairly good transportation routes and systems at a regional level;
  • High education standards at a regional level;
  • European environment compared to other Latin American countries;
  • Diversity of climatic zones, from subtropical to antarctic regions.
  • IMF stand-by.


  • Weakness of local capital markets;
  • Limited / poor competitiveness of a large number of industrial companies;
  • Uneven wealth distribution;
  • High proportion of informal economy;
  • Bad positioning on the Corruption Perception Index at international level;
  • The situation has improved increasingly since December 2015.
  • Significant burden due to taxes and contributions.





  • Short and medium term investment posibilities in the real estate market;
  • Manufacturing and refining process of food products;
  • Good human resources’ potential;
  • Flexibility of companies/businessmen, shown during several crisis situations;
  • High potential of renewable energy;
  • Cooperative development on research and technology;
  • Favorable conditions for projects under PPP(if financing is available)
  • Recovery in Brazil with new government since January 2019.



  • Inflation and salaries costs;
    Government interference in the markets, hardly to predict;
  • Strong concentration of exports on just a few agricultural products;
  • Potential energetic crisis;
  • Strong politicization of trade Unions;
  • Significant State shortfall;
  • Governing party without majority in both Congress chambers.


Germany Trade & Invest, among others – April 2019