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Through these services, an organization can subcontract our firm for the purpose of performing certain tasks, thus enabling them to especifically focus on its own business.


Our interdisciplinary team of professionals is qualified and trained to provide customized solutions for each business, related to Administration and Accounting, Payroll and Taxes.


Our main services on this field are the following:


Administration and Accounting:


    • Implementation of administrative processes;
    • Administration management;
    • Opening of bank accounts;
    • Preparation of cash flows;
    • Drafting of charts of accounts;
    • Preparation and drafting of reports;
    • Recording of transactions;
    • Analysis and arrangement of accounts;
    • Drafting and preparation of financial statements;
    • Coordination and assistance to auditors;
    • Updating of statutory accounting books;
    • Accounting training.




    • Calculation of salaries;
    • Preparation of salary’s receipts;
    • Updating of statutory Salary’s Book;
    • Preparation of final payments;
    • Preparation of forms, certificates, Section 80*, F.649**;
    • Preparation of monthly accounting entries;
    • Arrangements to deposit salaries at the corresponding bank entities;
    • Drafting of customized reports;
    • Calculation of payroll taxes (“SUSS” – Unique Social Security System), electronic filing and issuance of the respective “VEP” (electronic voucher for payment);
    • Issuance of the ticket for the deposit of trade unions’ monthly payments;
    • Assistance and updating concerning changes on regulations;
    • Preparation of an obligations calendar with the corresponding due dates;
    • Management of personnel records;
    • Obtention of the early registration of personnel (before effective incorporation date) for Social Security purposes.




    • Registration at the AFIP (Tax Authorities);
    • Preparation and filing of monthly Tax Returns;
    • Preparation and filing of annual Tax Returns;
    • Assistance and support on the implementation of administrative management systems;
    • Records and certificates;
    • Assistance and support to the administration department;
    • Preparation of customized management reports;
    • Request of exclusion from Tax Withholding Systems;
    • Due care of inspections;
    • Filing of requests for the reimbursement of taxes.


* Section 80 of the Employment Contracts Law. This is a “Certificate of Services” after the employment relationship has been terminated for whatever reason).


** Form F.649 is a sworn statement prepared by the employer for the purpose of informing the Tax Authorities and/or the employees, about those who have been subject to Income Tax withholdings over their gross salaries, the total of remunerations received, deductions and withholdings made during the calendar year or up to the date on which the employment relationship has been terminated, either due to dismissal or resignation.