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"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress;

working together is success." Henry Ford


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This section includes publications related to Jebsen & Co. and/or its team members, as well as newspaper articles published abroad which make reference to the Argentine reality.


Appointment of new Directors in Jebsen & Co. - March 2019


48th Anniversary. - March 2019


CRONISTA.COM - August 2015

A ruling against the AFIP, corresponding to an overseas loan, has been confirmed.

By Dolores Olveira | CRONISTA.COM

Justice has ruled in favour of a company that was able to prove that a money contribution received from its head office overseas was not a simple capital contribution pretending to be a loan in order to accrue interest, and therefore use the expenses to reduce the amounts to be paid as Income Tax, but has instead been a real trade operation.
The Courtroom IV of the Federal Chamber for Contentious Administrative Proceedings, confirmed the final judgement of the National Fiscal Court on the case "Lexmark International de Argentina Inc. Sucursal Argentina" that had revoked an adjustment made by the AFIP (tax authorities) in relation to the deduction of interest and exchange differences concerning unpaid balances in foreign currency due to the purchase of goods to a related company from Uruguay, which the Tax Authorities had considered to be capital contributions.
The AFIP justified that adjustment on the principle of economic reality, re-classifying the importation of inventories as capital contributions in view that the same were operations between related companies, alleging that there existed no term for the cancellation of debts, no interest due to delays in payment, no refinancing agreements signed or special guarantees and, furthermore, there existed no intention for permanence of the funds because the creditors did not expect any reimbursement and had made no claim whatsoever, as explained by Nicolás Scalone, from Jebsen & Co.
The Chamber considered unsatisfactory the evidences produced by the AFIP in order to justify the adjustment made, because it has been duly proved on the case, through accountant’s expert evidence, that the liabilities corresponded to real trade operations and were related to the trade activities of the taxpayer, and that from 2003 to 2007 most of the debt’s total had been cancelled, being this used as a contundent evidence to show the existence of the permanence of funds plead by the AFIP.
Note extracted from: CRONISTA.COM printed edition.
Date: 14 August 2015


News from Jebsen & Co.



Desde 1985 Jebsen & Co. es miembro de mgi, red que actualmente cuenta con 315 estudios en 85 países. A su vez, mgi anunció que pasó a formar un network en su Asamblea Anual de octubre Since 1985 Jebsen & Co. is a member of mgi, an international alliance that is currently represented by 315 firms in 85 countries. Recently, and during the Annual General Meeting held on October 2014, mgi has announced that within the alliance a new network structure will be created. During said meeting, Luis Uncal, partner of Jebsen & Co., has been appointed as “Risk Partner for the Latin American Area”. This duty implies that he will be the valid spokesman before the remaining areas of mgi and before the International Committee of mgi during the process of quality control implementation. His main activity will be to act as intermediary between the headquarters in London and the Latin American Area, with more than 40 members, on all issues referred to the implementation of the network within mgi, aimed at assuring the fulfillment of the Area’s needs.

Note extracted from: Helvetia Magazine
Date: March 2015

MGI meeting in Uruguay

The partners of MGI Jebsen & Co., Rafael Faillace, Luis Uncal and Martín Jebsen, have last May attended the Annual Latin American Area Meeting of MGI. They travelled to Montevideo, together with two of their staff members, Ms. Gisela Oddera (accountant) and Mr. Nicolás Scalone (lawyer), to attend this event organized by the uruguayan firm MGI CASU, held at the Sheraton Hotel of Montevideo. It is worth mentioning that Nicolás Scalone, Manager of the Legal – Tax Department of MGI Jebsen & Co., together with his colleague from MGI CASU, the CPA Nicolás May, were invited to made a lecture during said meeting about the issue “TIEA: Tax Information Exchange Agreements".
Furthermore, Rafael Faillace made a presentation about "Transfer Pricing: working experiences between Latin American Area firms of MGI".

Note extracted from: Helvetia Magazine
Date: June 2013